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Vocalist, Lament of Creide on "Into the Storm" by Inon Zur (Sony Masterworks)

Co-written and sung for the Dragon Age and Fallout composer's new album 

Vocalist, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine by Dim Bulb Games

Heavy Hands (Trailer Version)
Ryan Ike: Composer 
May Claire La Plante: Vocals 
Jeff Ball: Fiddle 
Joshua Du Chene: Mastering Engineer, Vocals, Guitar 
Max Wolpert: Fiddle 
Vagrant Song (Southwest)
Ryan Ike: Composer
May Claire La Plante: Vocals 
Jose Daniel Ruiz: Vocals, Translator (Spanish) 
Joshua Du Chene: Mastering Engineer, Guitar 

Vocalist, Bacon Man: An Adventure 

Lard Lass Transform

Braxton Burks: Composer 
May Claire La Plante: Vocals

Arranger, Vocalist, Harpist, PATTERN: An Homage to Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, by Materia Collective

Sleep of Death
Original Composition - Jessica Curry
Arrangement, vocals - May Claire La Plante 
Fiddle - Erin Wells 
Banjo - Casey James Holmberg 
Bass - Armando Wood 
Recording engineer - Jose Daniel Ruiz 
Mixing/mastering - Chris Allport
Additional mastering - Chris Vaughn
How Long (feat. May Claire La Plante)
Soprano solo - May Claire La Plante
Arrangement - Ian Martyn
Lever Harp - May Claire La Plante
Arrangement, Vocals - Luci Holland


As heard on FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute, by the Materia Collective

Arrangement, harp, lead vocals: May Claire La Plante

Original composition: Toby Fox


Almost Like Being in Love

Jazz standard, arr. May Claire La Plante

O Quam Speciosa - Grandi

Soprano soloist, "Song of Hylia" from Sins of Hyrule by Rozen

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